A key mission of the Natural Language Processing Group is graduate and undergraduate education in all the areas of Human Language Technology.

We provide some basic information for prospective graduate students.

Stanford University offers a rich assortment of courses in Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Dialog Systems, and Computational Linguistics. These include basic courses in the foundations of the field, as well as advanced seminars in which members of the Natural Language Processing Group and other researchers present recent results.

Faculty in the Natural Language Processing Group are also the co-authors of the two most widely used textbooks in Human Language Technology: Chris Manning and Hinrich Schütze's Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing and Dan Jurafsky and James Martin's Speech and Language Processing. Manning is also the author of a new book on Information Retrieval.

Course Web Pages

CS 224S/Ling 281:
Speech Recognition and Synthesis
CS 224N/Ling 284:
Natural Language Processing
(final projects from past years)
CS 124/Ling 180:
From Language to Information
CS 224U/Ling 288:
Natural Language Understanding
CS 276/Ling 286:
Information Retrieval and Web Search
Ling 289:
Quantitative and Probabilistic Explanation in Linguistics
Ling 62N:
The Language of Food