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 ====What is wrong with rechargeable ==== ====What is wrong with rechargeable ====
-The first thing is self-discharge without any use, the self-discharge ​rate:+The first thing is self-discharge without any use. Here are some self-discharge ​rates for various batteries: 
 NiCd: 10%/month NiCd: 10%/month
 NiFe: 20-30%/​month NiFe: 20-30%/​month
 Li-ion: 8%/month at 21 °C Li-ion: 8%/month at 21 °C
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 http://​batteryuniversity.com/​learn/​article/​whats_the_best_battery provides a more detailed table and more properties. http://​batteryuniversity.com/​learn/​article/​whats_the_best_battery provides a more detailed table and more properties.
 +Second, they have smaller capacities to begin with, often by a factor of 2-3.
 +===== Some anecdotes ====
 +1) rechargeable leakage is a problem that I'm sure many has experienced over the years. ​
 +2) Sometimes devices get lost, so your investment is not worth it even if it would have in an ideal world. After my bikelight ran out of battery (after a  year of regular use), I replaced them with some rechargeables. In 2 weeks, they are already barely lighting up, and after another 2 weeks, the light got stolen.
 +3) Environment:​ one of the better rechargeable,​ NiCd is also the most environmentally harmful. It is already partially banned in the EU.