ESSIR 2011: Models and Methods

Home page of 8th European Summer School on information Retrieval

Textbook for Models and Methods: Introduction to Information Retrieval. Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan and Hinrich Schütze. Cambridge University Press, 2008. Web publication at

Stuttgart information retrieval class


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IIR 01 Boolean model and its limitations pdf html slides
information retrieval links
search Shakespeare
Daniel Russell's home page
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IIR 06&07Vector space model pdf-06 html-06 slides
pdf-07 html-07
Gerald Salton
exploring the similarity space
pivot normalization
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IIR 11Probabilistic information retrieval pdf html slides
Binary independence model
Okapi BM25
why the Naive Bayes assumption works
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IIR 12Language models for IR pdf html slides
Ponte & Croft paper on LMs in IR
Zhai & Lafferty
Lemur Toolkit
Bernoulli vs. multinomial models
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IIR 18Latent semantic indexing pdf html slides
original LSI paper
probabilistic LSI
dimensions of meaning: LSI for words
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IIR 15Learning to rank (LTR) and SVMs pdf html slides
learning to rank references
Microsoft LTR datasets
how Google tweaks ranking