CLiPS: Computational Linguistics Projects at Stanford

Are you a student at Stanford and interested in working on a project in NLP? Then this page is for you! Submit an application to become a member of Stanford's NLP group. Your application will help us to match you with members who have similar interests to ensure a smooth start to your NLP research path at Stanford. In addition to your work on a project, you will also be able to participate in the NLP group's weekly lab meetings, where members and invited speakers present their current research projects in NLP.

Applications are reviewed before each quarter. The duration of your individual mentorship can be determined by you and your mentor, but should last for at least one quarter. Applications are due the second Wednesday of the quarter. The next deadline of submission is January 18, 2022, 11:59 pm Pacific.

Tips for your application

  • Start early. This application consists of two sections which also include open questions that might require some additional reading and/or development of new ideas. This can take time.
  • Have a look at our papers. You can see a list of Stanford NLP group publications here. We also have projects that are specifically searching for applicants at the moment, which you can find here. This is not an exhaustive list, so don't feel restricted by it and share any other interests you might have. The better you know about the kind of research members are currently doing, the easier it becomes for us to match you with projects you will most benefit from. This step will also help students with little prior experience in NLP to develop ideas for projects, which we are very interested to hear about in your application. You can see a list of Stanford NLP group publications here.
  • What makes a good applicant? The NLP group provides space for (aspiring) researchers with diverse backgrounds. Whether you have just started working on NLP-related class projects, have already conducted your own NLP research, or have experience in a different field and would like to reach out to this community – this application is meant for everyone. Share your own unique path and we will try our best to find a good match for you!

Please keep in mind that this application is meant to match you with members of the NLP group for research purposes. However, we only have a limited number of openings each quarter. If we can't accept your application in one quarter, it might simply be due to a lack of openings in the area you're interested in. We always accept re-applications in following quarters.

To the application


  • I can't access the application form. Access to the application form is restricted to Stanford affiliates. If you're a Stanford affiliate and want to access the form, you need to be logged into your Stanford account on Google. Open a new tab and make sure that you're logged in through your Stanford account and not for instance your Gmail account. If switching accounts does not help, try logging out of all other accounts and try again.
  • When is the deadline? Applications are reviewed before each quarter. We accept applications until the end of the day of the deadline anywhere in the world. The date of the next deadline is announced above and gets updated regularly.
  • When will I hear back? You can expect to hear back from us before the end of week 3 of the quarter.
  • Are applications reviewed in the Summer quarter? No, CLiPS will not review applications in the Summer quarter. Students interested in working over the Summer can instead consider applying to CURIS.