CS224N/Ling237 Final Projects 2004

These are final projects from CS224N/Ling237 for Spring 2003/04.

Automated Event Extraction from Email
Julie Black and Nisheeth Ranjan
Comparing Naive Bayesian and k-NN algorithms for automatic email classification
Louis Eisenberg
Summarizing Movie Reviews
Dan Fingal, Jeff Michels, Jamie Nicolson
Automatic Mnemonic Device Generation
Daniel Gindikin and Pierre Ponce
Sentiment Extraction and Classification of Movie Reviews
Kavi Goel, Anthony Hui
Answer Extraction
Aria Haghighi, Guy Isley, Alex Williams
Building a Question Classifier for a TREC-Style Question Answering System
Richard May and Ari Steinberg
Information Extraction from Online Automotive Classifieds
Matthew Rubens and Puneet Agarwal
Automatic Hypernym Classification
Rion Snow and Kayur Patel

Note: I've put here all the projects for which I could find online copies of the report. If yours is missing, and you would like it to appear, please send me an online copy. Conversely, if you would like yours to disappear, I can arrange that too.

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