CS224N/Ling284 Final Projects 2015-2016

Final project reports from the Autumn offering of CS224N/Ling284:

  • Generating News Headlines with Recurrent Neural Networks
    Konstantin Lopyrev [report]
  • A Pruning based Method to Learn both Weights and Connections for LSTM
    Shijian Tang, Jiang Han [report]
  • Acoustic Cues and Sentiment Analysis of Bilingual Speakers
    Ambika Acharya, Edric Kyauk, Emily Tang [report]
  • Picking Out Good Dishes from Yelp
    Angela Gong, Jennifer Lu [report]
  • A Personal Conversational Model
    Lawrence Lin Murata [report]
  • Understanding Personality through Social Media
    Yilun Wang [report]
  • Sequential Convolutional Architectures for Multi-Sentence Text Classification
    Alfredo Lainez Rodrigo, Luke de Oliveira [report]
  • Neural Word Sense Disambiguation
    Trevor Standley [report]
  • Alignment Trees
    Vishesh Gupta [report]
  • Abstractive Summarization using a Feed-Forward Neural Attention Model
    Alex Alifimoff, Jancir Lee [report]
  • Are Experts Made or Born? Complexity And Consistency in Online Knowledge-Building Environments
    Dave Gottlieb, Bogdan State [report]
  • Machine Comprehension Using Robust Rule-Based Features and Multiple-Sentence Enhancing
    Wei Chen, Danyang Wang, Xiaoshi Wang [report]
  • Extracting Social Network from Literature to Predict Antagonist and Protagonist
    Matt Fernandez, Michael Peterson, Ben Ulmer [report]
  • Plead or Pitch? The Role of Language in Kickstarter Project Success
    Nihit Desai, Raghav Gupta, Karen Truong [report]
  • Context Encoding LSTM
    Abhinav Rastogi [report]
  • Detecting Cancer Progression in Radiology reports
    Yu Yan [report]
  • Measuring Functional Load with Word Vectors
    Simon Todd [report]
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Crowdfunding: Kickstarter Edits
    Viswajith Venugopal, Sameep Bagadia [report]
  • Exploring Adversarial Learning on Neural Network Models for Text Classification
    Isaac Caswell, Onkur Sen, Allen Nie [report]
  • CS224N Final Project: QA
    Te-Lin Wu, De-An Huang [report]
  • Classifier Based Machine Comprehension
    Qiaojing Yan, Yixin Wang [report]
  • Investigating the Web’s Dark Matter
    Danae Metaxa-Kakavouli [report]
  • Large-Scale Language Classification: Writing a Detector for 200 Languages on Twitter
    Jordan Cazamias, Chinmayi Dixit, Martina Marek [report]
  • Let Computers Do Reading Comprehension
    Jiyue Wang, Ye Tian [report]
  • Exploiting the Redundancy in Neural Machine Translation
    Abi See [report]
  • Infr: a Video Game for Annotating NLI Data
    Justin Krasner-Karpen [report]
  • Medical Record Understanding
    Justin Fu, Daniel Thirman [report]
  • Adversarial Examples in NLP Contexts
    Alex Sax, Dylan Moore [report]