Daniel Ramage

As of December 2011, I am a research scientist at Google in Mountain View. My PhD was advised by Christopher D. Manning in the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group, part of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Much of my dissertation work was with the interdisciplinary Mimir Project, focusing on building models and tools that can help us understand the world through the lens of the text people write about it. I develop techniques to analyze academic publications, cluster tagged web pages, and mine Twitter posts, among other applications.

My undergraduate degrees from MIT are in Computer Science and Math. Prior to Stanford, I spent some time at IBM's Zurich Research Lab working on data mining. In Fall 2009, I worked at Microsoft Research in Redmond with Susan Dumais. In summers past, I taught software engineering and project management to Palestinian and Israeli teenagers in Jerusalem through MEET.




Stanford Topic Modeling Toolbox

A suite of topic modeling tools for social scientists and others who wish to perform analysis on datasets that have a substantial textual component.


Scalala is a high performance numerical linear algebra library for Scala, with rich Matlab-like operators on vectors and matrices; a library of numerical routines; support for plotting.


ScalaNLP is a collection of libraries for data manipulation, natural language processing, machine learning, and statistics.


ResearchAssistant is a library for improving Java's effectiveness as a platform for creating scientific research tools. It is described in "RA: Research Assistant for the Computational Sciences" published in ExpCS, June 2007.