Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing

Christopher D. Manning and Hinrich Schütze

Published May 1999 by
The MIT Press
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This book is designed as a thorough introduction to statistical approaches to natural language processing. There is a companion website for the book.

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Sample Chapters

These are prefinal versions of two chapters. They largely correspond to the published versions, but lack final copyediting and have different fonts and pagination.

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The chapter headings are given below. A more detailed table of contents is available from MIT Press, and the full contents can also be downloaded as a postscript file.

Brief Contents

  1. Preliminaries
    1. Introduction
    2. Mathematical Foundations
    3. Linguistic Essentials
    4. Corpus-Based Work
  2. Words
    1. Collocations
    2. Statistical Inference: n-gram models over sparse data
    3. Word Sense Disambiguation
    4. Lexical Acquisition
  3. Grammar
    1. Markov Models
    2. Part-Of-Speech Tagging
    3. Probabilistic Context Free Grammars
    4. Probabilistic Parsing
  4. Applications and Techniques
    1. Statistical Alignment and Machine Translation
    2. Clustering
    3. Topics in Information Retrieval
    4. Text Categorization

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