Selecting and running your new dictionary

If you've successfully completed all the steps until here, things should be getting easier again. To cross-check, you should have a dictionary folder inside the Kirrkirr folder, which contains the XML dictionary, the DictionaryInfo file, an xsl folder, at least one index file, and a file that mentions all the other files (except the XSL files, which are mentioned in the DictionaryInfo file). If that's all okay, you're ready.

Run Kirrkirr, and go into Options | Preferences | Directories. Click on the Browse button for Select Default Dictionary Directory. You should be able to see and select the folder you have created for your dictionary. Click on it (once), and then press the Select button. Then click OK, and then exit Kirrkirr. Restart Kirrkirr, and you should be looking at your new dictionary!

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