Linguistics, Natural Language, and Computational Linguistics Meta-index


A guide to the best linguistic resources on the web

* The Linguist List web site
Edinburgh mirror, Melbourne mirror, or Tübingen mirror
The most comprehensive listing of sources of linguistic information, with a lot of their own content. Especially recommended for finding out about The Linguist List, the main world wide linguistics mailing list.
* Linguistics Indexes on the Internet from SIL.
This site also hosts Ethnologue, a guide to the world's languages.
* iLoveLanguages
Tons of links to all the world's languages, in a sexy professional presentation, with commercial sponsorship. This is what has become of the famous old "The Human-Languages Page" (, still by the same author, Tyler Chambers. Best listing of resources on individual languages. Weaker on linguistics, but expanding.
* (Computational) Linguistics Resources/Institutions from the University of Stuttgart.
A good, mainly computational linguistics collection, regularly updated. Overseas retrieval times seem to be faster than they used to be, too.
* Association for Computational Linguistics Wiki.
The most comprehensive listing of computational linguistics/natural language processing resources.
* Shikano lab speech resources.
The most comprehensive list of (engineering approaches to) speech recognition/generation and acoustics.
* Yahoo's Human Languages and Linguistics page
Very random and not maintained by a linguist. A lot of links, especially on languages, though. Note also that Linguistics has stopped being a humanity and has become a social science!
* A Stanford Linguistics Portal
By Ivan Sag
* Speech and Language Web resources (Kenji Kita, Tokushima U.)
Was a good, well organized list of computational linguistics, speech, CALL, etc. references. Hasn't been updated for a few years.
* John Lawler's Language and Linguistics links
Somewhat random, but extensive, and has personality. But no longer being updated.

Linguistic theories and areas

Formal semantics: Kai von Fintel
Not quite as exciting as when it first appeared. No job gossip.
* HPSG at Ohio State
(and at Stanford, HPSG Literature bibliography (Stefan Müller), a guide to implementing HPSG in ALE) and a project on ellipsis in HPSG,
* LFG at Essex.
Online conference proceedings. Joan Bresnan hasn't kept up with her delightful Unofficial notes and links on LFG/OT.
* Rutgers Optimality Archive (ROA)
Has papers on Optimality Theory.
* Affix Grammars over a Finite Lattice (broad coverage extended CFG parser available)
* Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology (R. Beard)
* Annotated bibliography of main works on Connectionist NLP
* An intro to GB-ish syntax by Steven Schaüfele
* Integrational Linguistics
* Resources for natural language semanticists.
*Columbia School

Linguistics Conferences Lists

The Linguist List maintains a list of conferences, but the URL changes with the year, and it's not a very convenient summary to read. But almost everyone else seems to have given up maintaining lists by hand. I don't blame them.

Roy Cochrun's conference list.

Linguistics in the southern hemisphere

* Australian Linguistics Network
* African Language Technology (AfLaT)

Linguistic journals and other online stuff

Online open-access journals

Linguistics has been slow to hit the ejournal wave....

* Snippets
Full content in PDF.
Language Learnign and Technology

Online if you subscribe

* MIT CogNet
Lots of online books and journals, if your institution subscribes.

Web sites of paper journals

* Language.

Online bibliographies

* BL Online
Online version of Bibliographie Linguistique/Linguistic Bibliography
* Linguistics and Language Indexes, Abstracts, Bibliographies, and Table of Contents Services
Some only available to its primary clientele, The University of Houston.

Linguistic societies

* Linguistic Society of America (LSA)
* Association for Computational Linguistics
* International Phonetic Association

Other stuff

* The Great Language Game. The goal is to be able to guess the language from an audio sample. Lots of fun for linguists!
* Speech accent archive, with many IPA charts for languages.
* Resources for linguistic fieldwork
* X-ray film of the vocal tract
* Leipzig interlinear text glossing rules
* English accents and reactions thereto
* British Library Accents and Dialects of the UK.
* InterArbora Tree delivery service
* Listings of software for creating and managing linguistic annotations and for linguistic exploration by Steven Bird.
* Linguasphere Observatory
Aims to classifiy the world's languages, dialects and speech communities, but is currently much less comprehensive than Ethnologue.
* The Syntax Student's Companion
Java application for editing and checking phrase structure trees.
* Internet Grammar of English
* Linguists see their job as describing how people use language and how people react to the use of language in a social context, rather than being judges of that. But here's a nice site on (American) English usage.
* The Interactive Introduction to Linguistics
* Annotated list of resources on statistical and corpus-based computational linguistics
* The Language and Gender Page
* CMP-LG: The Computation and Language E-Print Archive (run by Stu Shieber)
A great place to download your computational linguistics preprints.
* Interactive online computational linguistics demos listing
* Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 13th Edition, 1996
A great overview guide to the world's languages. There's also a search interface.
* NSF Linguistics Program

Grammars and dictionaries

A listing of online grammars
The old version of Robert Beard's Dictionaries Index long ago mutated into I'm told the IPO has been delayed.
Wortschatz online German, English, etc. dictionary with collocations and association graphs.

Selected Languages of interest

African languages
A (basic) Mon grammar made by a field methods class
Speak Tagalog
Malagasy: references and learning.

(Computational) Linguistics departments and programs

This list is just a few random places I go to. The Linguist List keep more comprehensive listings (but the Australian Linguistics Network page is better for Australia).
Cornell Dept of Modern Languages and Linguistics
Edinburgh Linguistics Dept and Cognitive Science Dept
Groningen BCN Linguistics
University of Leuven Center for Computational Linguistics
University of Melbourne
MIT Linguistics Dept (including MIT Working Papers in Linguistics publications information)
New York University Linguistics Department
SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London (including their working papers)
Stanford Linguistics Dept
University of Sydney Department of Linguistics
University of Stuttgart Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (Institute of Natural Language Processing)
Yale Linguistics Dept


This section isn't really maintained....

* Microsoft NLP
* ELF (English Language Frontend) for MS Access/VB
* Translation Experts Machine Translation on the web
* Text Analysis Intl: Text Analysis framework (IE-style)

What is linguistics?

* Linguistic Fun ( Beard)
* Kevin Russell's Phonetics intro site
* Lucent Bell Labs Text to Speech system demo
Turn words into speech (in English)! Or into French.

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