package lda

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Type Members

  1. class CVB0LDA extends LDA[SoftAssignmentModelState, CVB0LDADocument, (String, Array[Array[Double]])] with SoftAssignmentModel[LDAModelParams, LDADocumentParams, CVB0LDADocument]

    CVB0 learning and inference model for vanilla LDA.

  2. class CVB0LDADocument extends LDADocument[(String, Array[Array[Double]])] with SoftAssignmentDocument

    CVB0LDA document.

  3. class GibbsLDA extends LDA[HardAssignmentModelState, GibbsLDADocument, (String, Array[Int])] with HardAssignmentModel[LDAModelParams, LDADocumentParams, GibbsLDADocument]

    Collapsed Gibbs sampler for LDA learning and inference.

  4. class GibbsLDADocument extends LDADocument[(String, Array[Int])] with HardAssignmentDocument

    Holds a bag of observations and an assignment for each observation.

  5. trait LDA [ModelState, Doc <: LDADocument[DocState], DocState] extends TopicModel[LDAModelParams, ModelState, LDADocumentParams, Doc, DocState] with ClosedTopicSet with DirichletTermSmoothing with DirichletTopicSmoothing

    LDA models are a TopicModel on a fixed set of k topics with dirichlet term and topic smoothing.

  6. trait LDACompanion [Model <: LDA[ModelState, Doc, DocState], ModelState, Doc <: LDADocument[DocState], DocState] extends TopicModelCompanion[LDAModelParams, Model, ModelState, LDADocumentParams, Doc, DocState] with LocalUpdateModelCompanion[LDAModelParams, Model, ModelState, LDADocumentParams, Doc, DocState] with LogProbabilityEstimateModelCompanion[Model, Doc]

    LDA model companion - LDA models are all local-update models.

  7. trait LDADataset [Item] extends LazyIterable[LDADocumentParams] with Dataset[Item, String, LDADataset[Item]] with TermDataset[Item]

    An LDA dataset is a collection of items; each item has an ID (retrieved with the getID function) and a sequence of terms (retrieved with the getTerms function).

  8. trait LDADocument [DocState] extends Stateful[DocState]

    LDA documents contain a set of word observations and a distribution over topics.

  9. case class LDADocumentParams (id: String, terms: Array[Int]) extends Product with Serializable

    Parameters describing a single LDA document

  10. case class LDAModelParams (numTopics: Int, numTerms: Int, topicSmoothing: DirichletParams, termSmoothing: DirichletParams, termIndex: Option[Index[String]], tokenizer: Option[Tokenizer]) extends Product with Serializable

    Parameters describing LDA models.

Value Members

  1. object CVB0LDA extends LDACompanion[CVB0LDA, SoftAssignmentModelState, CVB0LDADocument, (String, Array[Array[Double]])] with DataParallelModelCompanion[LDAModelParams, CVB0LDA, SoftAssignmentModelState, LDADocumentParams, CVB0LDADocument, (String, Array[Array[Double]])]

  2. object CVB0LDADocument extends AnyRef

  3. object GibbsLDA extends LDACompanion[GibbsLDA, HardAssignmentModelState, GibbsLDADocument, (String, Array[Int])]

    Static helper methods for interacting with the standard GibbsLDA implementation set, with limited support for customization.

  4. object GibbsLDADocument extends AnyRef

  5. object GibbsModelMath extends AnyRef

    LDA Model utilities.

  6. object LDADataset extends AnyRef

    More static constructors for Dataset.

  7. object LDADocumentParams extends Serializable

  8. object LDAModelParams extends Serializable