package llda

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Type Members

  1. class CVB0LabeledLDA extends LabeledLDA[SoftAssignmentModelState, CVB0LabeledLDADocument, (String, Array[Array[Double]])] with SoftAssignmentModel[LabeledLDAModelParams, LabeledLDADocumentParams, CVB0LabeledLDADocument]

    CVB0 learning and inference for LabeledLDA.

  2. class CVB0LabeledLDADocument extends LabeledLDADocument[(String, Array[Array[Double]])] with SoftAssignmentDocument

    CVB0LabeledLDA document.

  3. class GibbsLabeledLDA extends LabeledLDA[HardAssignmentModelState, GibbsLabeledLDADocument, (String, Array[Int])] with HardAssignmentModel[LabeledLDAModelParams, LabeledLDADocumentParams, GibbsLabeledLDADocument]

    Labeled LDA with learning and inference via collapsed gibbs sampling.

  4. class GibbsLabeledLDADocument extends LabeledLDADocument[(String, Array[Int])] with HardAssignmentDocument

    Holds a set of active labels, a bag of observations, and an assignment for each observation.

  5. trait LabeledLDA [ModelState, Doc <: Stateful[DocState], DocState] extends TopicModel[LabeledLDAModelParams, ModelState, LabeledLDADocumentParams, Doc, DocState] with ClosedTopicSet with DirichletTermSmoothing with DirichletTopicSmoothing

    LabeledLDA models are supervised topic models as described in Ramage, Hall, Nallapati, and Manning EMNLP 2009.

  6. trait LabeledLDACompanion [Model <: LabeledLDA[ModelState, Doc, DocState], ModelState, Doc <: LabeledLDADocument[DocState], DocState] extends TopicModelCompanion[LabeledLDAModelParams, Model, ModelState, LabeledLDADocumentParams, Doc, DocState] with LocalUpdateModelCompanion[LabeledLDAModelParams, Model, ModelState, LabeledLDADocumentParams, Doc, DocState]

    Labeled LDA model companion - LDA models are all local-update models.

  7. trait LabeledLDADataset [Item] extends LazyIterable[LabeledLDADocumentParams] with Dataset[Item, String, LabeledLDADataset[Item]] with TermDataset[Item] with MultiLabelDataset[Item, String]

    An LabeledLDA dataset is a collection of items; each item has an ID (retrieved with the getID function), a sequence of terms (retrieved with the getTerms function), and a set of labels (retrieved with the getLabels function).

  8. trait LabeledLDADocument [DocState] extends Stateful[DocState]

    Labeled LDA documents contain a set of word observations, a set of labels, and a distribution over model labels.

  9. case class LabeledLDADocumentParams (id: String, labels: Array[Int], terms: Array[Int]) extends Product with Serializable

    Parameters describing a single Labeled LDA document.

  10. case class LabeledLDAModelParams (numLabels: Int, numTerms: Int, labelSmoothing: DirichletParams, termSmoothing: DirichletParams, labelIndex: Option[Index[String]], termIndex: Option[Index[String]], tokenizer: Option[Tokenizer]) extends Product with Serializable

    Parameters describing LabeledLDA models.

Value Members

  1. object CVB0LabeledLDA extends LabeledLDACompanion[CVB0LabeledLDA, SoftAssignmentModelState, CVB0LabeledLDADocument, (String, Array[Array[Double]])] with DataParallelModelCompanion[LabeledLDAModelParams, CVB0LabeledLDA, SoftAssignmentModelState, LabeledLDADocumentParams, CVB0LabeledLDADocument, (String, Array[Array[Double]])]

  2. object CVB0LabeledLDADocument extends AnyRef

  3. object GibbsLabeledLDA extends LabeledLDACompanion[GibbsLabeledLDA, HardAssignmentModelState, GibbsLabeledLDADocument, (String, Array[Int])]

    Support methods for GibbsLabeledLDA.

  4. object GibbsLabeledLDADocument extends AnyRef

  5. object LabeledLDADataset extends AnyRef

    More static constructors for Dataset.

  6. object LabeledLDADocumentParams extends Serializable

  7. object LabeledLDAModelParams extends Serializable