I'm now at Shannon.AI, an AI startup in Beijing, China. 

I graduated in summer 2017. I was a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, where I was affiliated with the Stanford NLP group. I worked with Prof. Dan Jurafsky, also closely with Prof. Eduard Hovy from CMU, Prof. Alan Ritter from OSU and Prof. Claire Cardie from Cornell. My research deals with Natural Lanuguage Processing and Machine Learning, with a focus on deep learning. I received B.S. in Biology from Peking University in 2012.

It is a great pleasure having been working with Jason Weston, Sumit Chopra, Alex Miller and Marc'aurelio Ranzato from Facebook AI Research, and Michel Galley, Jianfeng Gao, Chris Brockett and Bill Dolan from the NLP group at Microsoft Research.



Jiwei Li (李纪为)





Jiwei Li 李纪为



PH.D. student

Computer Science Department

Stanford University

Gates 228, 353 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA, 94305

Email: jiweil at stanford .edu


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