Dorottya Demszky

I'm a third-year PhD candidate in the Linguistics Department at Stanford University, advised by Dan Jurafsky. I'm an enthusiastic member of the Stanford NLP group.

My primary research areas are computational semantics and pragmatics and computational social science. At a high-level, I'm excited about combining quantitative and qualitative approaches to studying and modeling social and cognitive processes mediated through language. More concretely, by building on –– and in turn, informing –– theories from pragmatics, psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics, I seek to create and improve quantitative methods that capture phenomena including and going beyond compositional meaning, such as presuppositionality, implicatures and social meaning. I'm invested in understanding how NLP can be put to the service of social good. I work on projects with applications to questions and issues within the domains of education and politics.

You can reach me at ddemszky [at] stanford [dot] edu. Feel free to call me Dora.

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