You've reached the academic section of my site where I put most of my effort in creating and maintaining this part. This will be the most updated session through out my site, and in this section you will find:
+ Materials of all courses which I have taken, my grades and my comments (well there're some modules that I supposed to perform better, but unfortunately I did not achieve what I expected. It's a bit ashame to me due to my "su chu quan". I was just thinking not to reveal what I feel bad, but why not? I'm brave enough to put them here for people to see, and it is a reminder for me not to "sleep on the laurels"

+ Projects that I worked on

+ My progress logs (I learnt this from my supervisor Dr. Kan Min Yen). In fact, there's a need for it to shape an efficient working manner in myself, and some kind of obligation to force me further in making progress.

+ What else? Well, let see as I continue develop the site, or why don't you suggest me some thing? :)


Here are new stuffs which I will arrange them soon !!!

My CS3215 note is here
My CS3242 note is here