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The Klages House

The Allen M. Klages house was designed by Frederick Scheibler, generally recognized as the most original architect that Pittsburgh has produced. It is covered in detail in a book on Scheibler by Martin Aurand, and appears on the KQED special Houses Around Here (available at Pittsburgh Blockbusters!). It was built in 1922-23. It's situated in Highland Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a family room, sun room, full basement and finished attic. There is also a matching two car garage. It is situated on a spacious block with bowl-shaped landscaping in the front and back yards. More detail appears in the Historic American Buildings Survey.

The Outside

We don't quite have a 360 degree view, but you can see the outside of the house from the front, the right side, the the back left, and looking at the back second floor. It's made of schist, a shiny metamorphic rock with a lot of mica in it. The house has a decent-sized landscaped garden, with suitable trees for a hammock.

The inside ground floor

The ground floor has: the living room, which features a dramatic fireplace with stained glass mosaic above, the dining room which has a beautiful china cabinet, a new kitchen, which we had constructed, a family room, a full bathroom, and an entry which has a built-in coat closet with stained glass butterflies at the top of the doors.

The inside second floor

The second floor features: carved mahogany dragons at the top of the stairs, stained glass in the master bedroom, stained glass parrots in two of the bedrooms, and Mercer tile (from the Moravian Tileworks), here shown around the bath that adjoins the master bathroom. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a sun room off the master bedroom.

Other pictures

Another view of the front of the house. The sewing room balcony doors. One of the stained glass hibiscuses next to the mahogany paneling in the dining room. Another view of kitchen showing the windows above the sink, dishwasher, etc.

More info about the house

On 15 June 1997, the house was on the Highland Park house tour. Here's an article describing it in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (large, only medium quality scans): picture of the house and caption, first part of article, and second part of article.

The Klages House appears in the Historical American Buildings Survey. Unfortunately, its catalog entry at the Library of Congress does not yet include digitized photos.

The main archive on Scheibler is at the CMU library. The house has also been designated an historic landmark by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation.

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