Computer Science Ph.D. Statement of Purpose

June, 30, 2022
It takes me years to transition from an aerospace engineering student to a NLP Ph.D. student. I want to share my experience as much as I can, so people can build on top of it to make their experience even better. For my SOP, I have to credit my good friend Nelson F. Liu. I wrote my SOP based on his! I applied twice, and I am also pretty liberal to share the version of my failed attempt. One takeaway for me is that - you need to have a big vision that is grounded with specific past experience.

Symbolic Systems Program M.S. Statement of Purpose

April, 24, 2020
With two years into my part-time M.S. program at Stanford, I switched my gear to do a lot of NLP-related research. I found the way of carrying out a research project astonishingly similar to the way of starting a mini start-up project. So, I asked Stanford whether I can switch my M.S. major to Symbolic Systems ...

Management Science & Engineering M.S. Statement of Purpose

December, 24, 2018
After I joined the industry working as a software engineer at sillicon valley, I was very interested in starting my own tech business soon. The part-time basis MS&E M.S. program at Stanford was a perfect fit to me. I applied to this program with my die-heart passion about entrepreneurship. Who knows how will it end ... Maybe a Ph.D. instead?