CS224N/Ling237 Final Projects 2003

These are final projects from CS224N/Ling237 for Spring 2002/2003.

Clustering Political Words: Senses and Connotations
Brendan O'Connor
Posterior Decoding for Generative Constituent-Context Grammar Induction
Chuong Do
Transformation-Based Learning For English Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion
Yuanli Zhou
Bondec - A Sentence Boundary Detector
Haoyi Wang and Yang Huang
Using Hidden Markov Models to Extract Target Phrases From Text
Jenny Finkel and Penka Markova
Email Event Extraction and Interpretation
Keith Ito
Automatic Topic Extraction and Classification of Usenet Threads
Susumu Harada and Shashikant Khandelwal
Topic Clustering, Summarization, and Visualization
Dan Siroker and Steve Miller
Word Alignment in Bilingual Parallel Corpora
Mohith Julapalli and Sameer Dhond
An Evolutionary Approach to Natural Language Grammar Induction
Margaret Aycinena, Mykel J. Kochenderfer and David Carl Mulford
Automated Web Search Classification and Refinement
Patri Friedman
A Maximum Entropy Approach to Recognizing Discourse Relations in Spoken Language
Jeanette Pettibone and Heather Pon-Barry
A Survey of Algorithms to Properly Order Adjective Trigrams
Ari Greenberg and Praveen Srinivasan
Clustering Web Search Results
Chris Cox, Michael Siliski and Charlie Stockman
Using AdaBoost and Decision Stumps to Identify Spam E-mail
Tyrone Nicholas
Hierarchical Classification Using Markov Networks
Vassil Chatalbashev
Improving the Preformance of Naive Bayes for Text Classification
Yirong Shen and Jing Jiang
The Emotion Bot
Taqi Jaffri
Issues in Anaphora Resolution
Imran Q. Sayed

Note: I've put here all the projects for which I could find online copies of the report. If yours is missing, and you would like it to appear, please send me an online copy. Conversely, if you would like yours to disappear, I can arrange that too.

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