CS224N/Ling237 Final Projects 2007

These are final projects from CS224N/Ling237 for Spring 2006/2007.

Entity Resolution of Person Names in Web Documents
Naren Chittar
Improving Sentimental Classifications Using Contextual Sentences
Natha Sakunkoo
Clustering Semantically Similar and Related Questions
Deepa Paranjpe
Text Classification based on Quality of Writing
Arpit Aggarwal and Vijay Krishnan
Multi-Way, Multi-Stage Categorization on Pro ject Gutenberg
David Borowitz and Fred Wulff
Topic Segmentation of Meetings Using Lexical Chains
Francisco Adarve and Helen Kwong and Mike Speriosu
Learning Paraphrase Models from Google New Headlines
Dave Kale
Clustering Methods for Improving Language Models
Ethan Dreyfuss and Ian Goodfellow and Paul Baumstarck
Feature-based Customer Review Mining
Jingye Wang and Heng Re
EMTAIL: Eric-Mike Tree Associations in Language
Mike Mintz and Eric Karl
Predicting the Stock Market with News Articles
Ryan Timmons and Kari Lee
qa42: Web-Based Question Answering System
Jyotika Prasad and Antone R. Vogt and Riku Inoue