CS224N Final Projects 2008-9

Final Projects from CS224N for Spring 2008/2009.

Update Summarization
Gaurav Aggarwal, Roshan Sumbaly, Shakti Sinha
Multi-Lingual Document Tagging
Andrey Gusev
Movie Title Recognition in E-Mails
Albert Lai
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
AlecGo, Lei Huang, Richa Bhayani
Case Prediction for Morphologically Poor Languages
Anton Andryeyev
Rap Lyric Generator
Hieu Nguyen, Brian Sa
Detecting emotional scenes using Semantic Analysis on Subtitles
Chetan Kalyan, Min Young Kim
Text Classifiers for Political Ideologies
Maneesh Bhand, Dan Robinson, Conal Sathi
Named Entity Recognition in Arabic: A Combined Approach
David O'Steen, David Breeden
Sentiment based Summarization of Restaurant Reviews
Abhishek Gupta, Tejaswi Tenneti, Ankit Gupta
Clustering Scientific Articles
John Bauer
A System for Extracting Structural Information from Online Advertisements
Kevin Jue, Nam Wook Kim
Extracting Common Sentiments From Reviews
Brett Miller, Katsiap
Auto-Categorization of Businesses on Yelp.com
Jason Fennell, Karen Shiells, Bharath Sitaraman
Boost up! Sentiment Categorization with Machine Learning Techniques
Andres Cassinelli, Chih-Wei Chen
Automated Annotation for Medical Discharge Summaries
Gayle McElvain, Anand Madhavan
Sentiment Analysis of User-Generated Twitter Updates using Various Classification Techniques
Ravi Parikh and Matin Movassate
Automatic Comment Summarization
Michael Levin, Suman Chakravartula, Adam Bliss
Converting In-N-Out Orders into a Structured Form
Michael Gummelt, David Brody
Extracting emotion from twitter
John Lewin, Alex Pribula
sentiment and objectivity classification
xavier falco, rafi witten, robin zhou
Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews
Zandro Luis Gonazalez
Automated extraction of product attributes from reviews
Nikhil Gupta, Praveen Kumar, Rahul Gupta
Investigating SMS Text Normalization using Statistical Machine Translation
Karthik Raghunathan, Stefan Krawczyk
Information Extraction from Housing Advertisements
David Murray, Josh Herbach, Rohan Jain
Extracting Polarity of Movie Reviews
Saurabh Shrivastava
Improving Parsing Performance for Arabic PP Attachment Ambiguity
Atif Faheem, Shahin Saneinejad
Classifying Second Life Player Gender Using Chat Data
Antonio Ricciardi
Predicting Category Tags by Using N-gram Models
HeeTae Jung, Jonathan Hernandez, YongRim Rhee