Welcome to the Kirrkirr 1.1 demo -- a visualization of the Warlpiri dictionary

By Kevin Jansz, Christopher Manning, and Nitin Indurkhya

Utilizing the Warlpiri dictionary materials collected by Ken Hale, Robert Hoogenraad, Mary Laughren, David Nash, Jane Simpson, and many others

Machine requirements: A machine with 64 Mb of RAM (or 32 and virtual memory turned on, but it will limp along really slowly), and Java 1.1 support (JDK 1.1.6+ AppletViewer, MRJ 2.1+ on a Macintosh, Netscape 4.06+ on a PC [there is a known bug with displaying HTML], IE 4.01+ on any platform (select MRJ as your JVM on a Mac)).

After the Java code has downloaded to your machine, you should see a large "Start Demo" picture button below. (This may take a while depending on your net connection and distance from our computer.) Click on it, and then (after a shorter wait) Kirrkirr should start. [Kirrkirr was really designed to run locally and not as a Web applet!]

All comments and suggestions are welcome. Email manning@stanford.edu

See also the the Kirrkirr homepage for more information about Kirrkirr, including information about more recent versions of the software.