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Package edu.stanford.nlp.semgraph.semgrex

A package for dependency graph (i.e.

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Package edu.stanford.nlp.semgraph.semgrex Description

A package for dependency graph (i.e. SemanticGraph) pattern expressions and matching these expressions to IndexedFeatureLabel instances. The design is similar to the java.util.regex package and based on the edu.stanford.nlp.trees.tregex. Internally, these expressions are parsed using a parser designed with the javacc "compiler compiler" utility.

See SemgrexPattern for a description of the command line utility version.

Note that the only classes which should be public are the SemgrexMatcher, SemgrexPattern and SemgrexPatternCompiler classes-- the others were automatically given public access by javacc although really they should be package-private.

Chloe Kiddon
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