Stanford FrameNet II Reader download

End-of-life distribution. This is software that we at one point distributed. But we feel either that we are unable to or it isn't useful to maintain it any more. It's still here in case it's useful, but we won't answer questions about it.

This is a Java package for reading the FrameNet (version II) XML corpus files. It was used for the work described in:

Cynthia A. Thompson, Roger Levy, and Christopher D. Manning. 2003. A Generative Model for Semantic Role Labeling. ECML 2003, pp. 397-408.
The system requires Java (JDK1.2+), and you need to have separately downloaded the FrameNet data.

It is licensed under the GNU GPL. (Note that this is the full GPL - which allows its use for research purposes or other free software projects but does not allow its incorporation into any type of commercial software, even in part or in translation.) Source is included. The package includes components for command-line invocation and a Java API.

The download is a 97KB gzipped tar file. If you unpack the tar file, you should have everything needed. A simple script is included to invoke the tagger on a Unix system. For another system, one merely needs to similarly configure the CLASSPATH variable. Please send any questions or feedback, or extensions and bugfixes to

Download Stanford FrameNet Reader version 1.0