NLP Seminar Schedule — Summer 2017
Thursday 11:00am-12:00pm; Venue: Room B12 Gates Computer Science Building (B12 is in the basement. Access is via elevator or from the right entrance of the building).

Anyone interested is very welcome to attend these talks (Car Parking Map). If you are visiting Bay Area and are interested in giving a talk, please fill in this form. Please feel free to suggest speakers as well.

Organizer: Siva Reddy

Date Speaker Title
Jul 13 Jason Baldridge Practical and Ethical Considerations in Demographic and Psychographic Analysis (details, slides)
Jul 20 Lukasz Kaiser Tensor2Tensor Transformers: New Deep Models for NLP (details, slides)
ACL 2017 break
Aug 17 Mike Lewis Deal or No Deal? End-to-End Learning for Negotiation Dialogues (details, slides)
Aug 24 Lea Frermann Of Space Piracy and Secret Baby Romances: Deep Multi-View Book Representations and a Scalable Evaluation Framework (details, slides)
Aug 31 Jacob Andreas Structure and Interpretation of Neural Codes (details, slides)
EMNLP 2017 break
Sep 14 Felix Hill Grounded language learning in a simulated 3D world (details)
Sep 21 Semester Break
Sep 28 Zornitsa Kozareva TBA
Oct 5 Karthik Narasimhan TBA
Nov 9 Eunsol Choi TBA
Nov 30 Nasrin Mostafazadeh TBA