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Hi! I’m a third-year PhD student in computer science at Stanford University. I conduct research in natural language processing and machine learning. I am grateful to be co-advised by Chris Manning and Percy Liang, and to be supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I aim to design systems that robustly and efficiently learn to understand human languages to the end of advancing human communication and education, and to teach others.

Feel free to look me up on Google Scholar or Twitter, or take my CV.

Current Research Interests

  • Understanding unsupervised learning of language
  • NLP theory
  • Out-of-domain extrapolation in NLP
  • Multilinguality and low-resource language processing
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    This talk by Rajiv Gandhi, to whom I am grateful. For you if you think, like I used to, that research–or any success in STEM–is out of your reach.

    Scott Aaronson’s old note on frameworks for reasoning about large numbers, for enjoyment

    Kevin Knight’s note on unix commands, to help you with your bash skills

    The Fundamental Whiteboard Difficulty (Scott Aaronson):

    I figured that chalk has its problems—it breaks, the dust gets all over—but I could live with them, much more than I could live with the Fundamental Whiteboard Difficulty, of all the available markers always being dry whenever you want to explain anything.

    I highly suggest Arch Linux for its configurability and the educational experience it provides…


    Take my school email johnhew@stanford, and predict the TLD using your internal knowledge base.

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