CS224N/Ling237 Final Projects 2002

These are final projects from CS224N/Ling237 for Spring 2001/2002.

Verb Selectional Preferences and Clustering
Alexis Battle & Huy Nguyen
REGBASE: An Information Infrastructure for Regulation Management and Analysis
Gloria T. Lau
A Natural Language Generation System for Database Summarization
Jared Mowery
A Question Answering System for Construction Project Management
Jinxing Cheng
Examining the Effects of Relative Clause Chunking on POS Accuracy
Ash Brown & Levente Barczy
Example-Based Machine Translation: An Investigation
Steven S. Ngai & Randy B. Gullett
Using Simultaneous Training to Improve the Performance of both a Verb Subcategorization Model and a Word Sense Model
Teg Grenager & Galen Andrew
Project Enhanced Google
KarWaii (Sammy) Sy
Inside Yahoo! Generator
Thai Tran
Annotating Protein Clusters and Motifs
Serge Saxonov & Iwei Yeh
Head-Driven Corpus-Based Natural Language Generation
Steven Branson
Hyponym Hierarchy Extraction
Yulin Li

Note: I've put here all the projects for which I could find online copies of the report. If yours is missing, and you would like it to appear, please send me an online copy. Conversely, if you would like yours to disappear, I can arrange that too.

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