1. [report] [slides]
    Using POS Tags for Clustering
    Yun Chi
  2. [report] [slides]
    Name Extraction from Chinese Novels
    Jing Chen and Raylene Yung
  3. [report] [slides]
    Part-of-speech Tagging
    Tim Lai
  4. [report] [slides]
    Language Model Methods and Metrics
    Gary Luu and Ryan Fortune
  5. [report] [slides]
    Pro, Con, and Affinity Tagging of Product Reviews
    Todd Sullivan
  6. [report] [slides]
    Classifying Movie Scripts by Genre
    Alex Blackstock and Matt Spitz
  7. [report] [slides]
    Applying Diversity Metrics to Improve the Selection of Web Search Term Refinements
    Tague Griffith and Jan Pfeifer
  8. [report] [slides]
    Frame aided Multiple Document Summarization
    Anish J. Adukuzhiyil and Nuwan I. Senaratna
  9. [report] [slides]
    Political Party, Gender, and Age Classification Based on Political Blogs
    Michelle Hewlett and Elizabeth Lingg
  10. [report] [slides]
    Document Classification using Deep Belief Nets
    Lawrence McAfee
  11. [report] [slides]
    ClassMate: A System for Automated Event Extraction from Course Websites
    Ashutosh Kulkarni an Harry Robertson
  12. [report] [slides]
    Classifying Reading Levels with Statistical Language Models
    Johnson Hsieh and Sameer Shariff
  13. [report] [slides]
    Speed dating Classification: What you should know about dating
    Stephen Cohen, Rajesh Ranganath and Te Thamrongrattanarit
  14. [report] [slides]
    Information Extraction From Automobile Advertisements
    Nipun Bhatia, Rakshit Kumar and Shashank Senapaty
  15. [report] [slides]
    Robust Semantic Role Labeling for Nominals
    Robert Munro and Aman Naimat
  16. [report] [slides]
    Speech Summarization for Rapid Playback
    Charles DuHadway
  17. [report] [slides]
    Authorship Attribution
    Erik Goldman and Abel Allison
  18. [report] [slides]
    Anaphora Resolution
    Sanghoon Kwak and Takahiro Aoyama
  19. [report] [slides]
    Improving Word-Alignments for Machine TranslationUsing Phrase-Based Techniques
    Mike Rodgers, Sarah Spikes and Ilya Sherman
  20. [report] [slides]
    An Attempt at Unsupervised Learning of Hierarchical Dependency Parsing: via the Dependency Model with Valence (DMV)
    Valentin Spitkovsky
  21. [report] [slides]
    Stock Price Prediction with News Articles
    Qicheng Ma
  22. [report] [slides]
    Website Clustering: Combining Website Lexical Data and Query Semantic Data
    Nana Huang, Ray Li
  23. [report] [slides]
    A Semantic, Supervised Classification Approach to Restaurant Reviews
    Pavani Vantimitta
  24. [report] [slides]
    Movie Info Web Search & Classification
    Frankie Wu
  25. [report] [slides]
    Look-up Based Greedy Decoding for Machine Translation
    Tony Zhang and Steven Bills