CS224N/Ling284 Final Projects 2012-2013

Final project reports from the Autumn offering of CS224N/Ling284:

Trigger Extraction in Biological Text for Question Answering
Jaclyn Chen, Ashley Jin, and Jessica Tai [Report]
Syntactico Semantic Word Representations in Multiple Languages
Jianfeng Hu, Guan (Bell) Wang, Zhemin Li [Report]
Figurative Language Classification of English Manner of Motion Verbs for a Machine Translation System
Miriam Connor [Report]
Semantic Compositionality and Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis
Alex Perelygin [Report]
Emote-Cat : Automatic Attitude Categorization
Austin Gibbons and Zahan Malkani [Report]
Cool-to-Hot Pivoting for Improved Machine Translation
Rob Voigt [Report]
Translation Quality Assessment
MacKenzie Cumings [Report]
Article Recommendations for News Feed
Minghan Shen [Report]
Play on Words: Predicting Punniness with Statistics and Semantics
Justine Kao and Jireh Tan [Report]
Distinguishing Opinion from News
Katherine Busch [Report]
Chinese Radicals in NLP Tasks
Alex Fandrianto, Anand Natarajan, and Hanzhi Zhu[Report]
Joint Entity-Event Coreference via Spectral Coclustering
Aman Neelappa and Deniz Kahramaner[Report]
How a Bill Becomes a Law-Predicting Votes from Legislation Text
David Goldblatt and Tyler O'Neil [Report]
Predicting Sentiment from Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews
Jean Y. Wu and Yuanyuan Pao [Report]