Welcome to my homepage ^_^

Are you new to me? If so, just a brief intro: my name is Luong Minh Thang. I am currently a 2nd-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science in School of Computing, National University of Singapore. This webpage is mainly for academic purposes to share my research interests, school modules, and other related stuff. I hope this site will be an “academic diary” to record my studies at university, and something that will force me to make progresse in order to keep this site up-to-date.

Let it be off-topic at this point to put a question on why I am using English here. Well…because the tertiary education that I am currently pursuing is in English and this webpage is meant for my studies, so straightforward an answer, but do I really care about Vietnamese? Yes, I do. Vietnamese is an indispensable part of my life, which appears in my poems, literature writings, singing, and it is a bridge between me and my many Vietnamese loves. Most of the pages will be in English to serve the main purpose of creating my own academic environment, however I will be using Vietnamese here and there throughout the site. For the moment, I could only devote some pages to Vietnamese, and in future, there will surely be a site where Vietnamese is the main language.

Lastly, this is not a merely-academic webpage, and I am not a merely-studying person. So, do take a look at other stuff to understand me more :)

(Disclaimer: the above text was written long ago before I created this site, so sorry that it might be a bit outdated, and might not well-reflect my thinking now. But well, it's the original text, so I'd like to keep it.


Most of the pages have been created long time ago, and sadly left unattended then. However, .... I revive them now... Here are new stuffs which I will arrange them soon !!!

* 26 June 08:
Good news !!! My team adMIRer has participated in the Star Challenge (the prize is US$100000, dream dream, yes it's only in the dream :D). We just participate for experience and only expect to be around 20-30 among 56 teams, but suprisingly ... [Read more]

* Before 26 June
My VN plan this coming Feb, 2008 (If you expect for English, sorry it's in Vietnamese. I wrote this to let my family know ^^ here
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