Christopher Manning's (La)TeX page

When I used to have more time (i.e., when I was a grad student and without kids), I used to spend some of it writing (La)TeX macros. Here is avm.sty, a style for AVMs (for HPSG, LFG, or any other kind of feature structure) and documentation for it in pdf. Or you can download everything as a zip file. The version here now is 1.03. Version 1.02 differs from the more widely distributed version 1.00 by (i) interacting okay with the Mainz array package and its derivatives, such as tabularx, whereas the earlier version doesn't, and (ii) adding a command to make it easy to put sorts (types) at the top of AVMs and updating the documentation for LaTeX2e. Version 1.03 fixes one spacing bug around AVMs in horizontal text mode, but mainly updates things so as to add an explicit license (LPPL) and a working email address.

I updated a traditional LaTeX Stanford letterhead format ("suletter.sty") by Emma Pease for LaTeX 2e and the revised Stanford logo in 2006. This zip file contains a .sty file, an example .tex file and .eps logos. But two notes: (i) Stanford's design group has new ideas of what your letterhead should look like, and (ii) the logos are .eps not .pdf, so you need to use TeX+DVI, not pdftex. So, it needs revising again, but as usual, they don't support TeX. So much for Stanford treasuring Don Knuth!

For drawing phrase structure trees, I use a preprocessor and style file by Avery Andrews. Avery has recently rewritten the trees processor in Python. You can find his current version here. For the older version, here's the C source as a tar file, the style file, and some out of date documentation. The version here is actually a slight adaptation by me that adds some new options (dot, dash, and none), and the ability to run as a filter. To use this system, one also needs Emma Pease's tree-dvips.

The macros I use for glossing are one of a number of files called gloss.sty.

For formatting examples, and other miscellaneous stuff, you can also get my adaptation of Emma Pease's lingmacros.sty, cm-lingmacros.sty.

Links to some other LaTeX stuff for linguists can be found at: ling-tex mailing list webpage (Norway), A Guide to LaTeX for Linguists (Essex) [recommended], Alexis Dimitriadis (UPenn), or Ralf Vogel.
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