CS224N/Ling237 Final Projects 2000

These are final projects from CS224N/Ling237 for Spring 1999/2000.

Gender Classification of Literary Works
Zoe Abrams, Mark Chavira, and Dik Kin Wong
Information Extraction of Seminar Information
Magnus Almgren and Jenny Berglund
Semantic Bootstrapping with a cluster-based extension to DIPRE
Dmitri Bobrovnikoff
Interleaving Translation
Francis Bond, Roger Levy, Kyonghee Paik, Colleen Richey, and Ana Paula Quirino Simões
A Natural Language Question and Answer System
Chris Callison-Burch and Philip Shilane
A Distributed Two-Tier Architecture for Multiple Domain Language Understanding: Combining Call-Routing and Domain Specific Understanding to Increase Performance, Location Independance and Scalability
Alex Carobus and Jyoti Paul
A Trainable Web Page Document Summarizer
Daniel Chai
Using the MeSH Hierarchy to Index Bioinformatics Articles
Jeff Chang
Implementation of an Automated Text Segmentation System using Hearst's TextTiling Algorithm
Brent Fitzgerald
Natural language generation using recursive grammars and word collocation
Elif Kurklu
An Association-based Approach to Semantics
Ido Milstein and Magnus Sandberg
Unsupervised Web Page Clustering
Paul Ruhlen, Husrev Tolga Ilhan, and Vladimir Livshits
Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Iterative Relaxation
Ben Taskar

Note: I've put here all the projects for which I could find online copies of the report. If yours is missing, and you would like it to appear, please send me an online copy. Conversely, if you would like yours to disappear, I can arrange that too.

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