CS224N/Ling284 Final Projects 2010-11

Final Projects from CS 224N / Ling 284 for Winter 2010/2011.

Analyzing Patient Interactions within Cancer Support Groups
Zhenghao Chen and Pang Wei Koh [slides]
Who Needs Polls? Gauging Public Opinion from Twitter Data
David Cummings, Haruki Oh, and Ningxuan Wang [slides]
Unsupervised Clustering of People, Places, and Organizations in Wikileaks Cables with NLP Cues
Xuwen Cao, Beyang Liu [slides]
Sentiment analysis of news articles for financial signal prediction
Nick Cohen, Jinjian Zhai and Anand Atreya [slides]
Semantic Analysis of Movie Reviews for Rating Prediction
Laureen Lam [slides]
A Measure of Similarity Between Pairs of Papers, Using Textual Content and Metadata
Susan Marie Biancani [slides]
Extracting Strong Sentiment Trends from Twitter
Patrick Lai [slides]
Structured Annotations of Queries
Panagiotis Papadimitriou and Rifat Reza Joyee [slides]
Symmetrized Word Alignments for English-Inuktitute Machine Translation
Jeff Pinner
Analysis of EBay Users' Security Questions
David Harwath
Learning Representations for Multi-Dimensional Sentiment Analysis
Andrew Maas, Peter Pham, and Ying Wang [slides]
Paraphrase Detection Using Recursive Autoencoders
Eric Huang [slides]
Transformation between Right and Left News Based on Text Similarity and News Structure
Yu-Wei Lin [slides]
Literary Style Classification with Deep Linguistic Analysis Features
Minjong Chung, Wonhong Lee, and Hyung Jin Kim [slides]
Hierachical Name Entity Recognition
Dakan Wang and Wu Yu [slides]
Information Extraction from Recipes
Rahul Agarwal and Kevin Miller [slides]
Automatic Product Profiling through NLP
Jiho Han and Dowon Ko [slides]
Tweet Classification for Political Sentiment Analysis
Micol Marchetti-Bowick [slides]
Discovering New Drug-Drug Interactions by Text-Mining the Biomedical Literature
Beth Percha [slides]
Part of Speech Tagging with Discriminatively Re-ranked Hidden Markov Models
Brian Highfill [slides]
Gender Prediction for Japanese Authors
David Edwards and Cybelle Smith [slides]
Automatic Author Name Transliteration via OCR and NLP
Yu Cao and Tao Wang [slides]
Correlating Language Model Clusters of News Agencies and Political Campaigns with Political Biases
Issao Fujiwara and Yaron Friedman [slides]
Selecting a Biomedical Funding Source Based on Grant Abstracts
Yi Liu and Ahmet Altay [slides]
Automatic Snippet Generation for Music Reviews
Chris Anderson, Edward Segel, and Dan Wiesenthal [slides]
Predicting the Date of Authorship of Historical Texts
Andrew Tausz
Unsupervised Extraction of Opinion Features From Product Reviews
Ben Komalo and Sujeevan Rajayogam
A Labeled LDA Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Collaboration
Nikhil Johri [slides]
Adaptive Language Models
Hyungoo Kang [slides]
Supervised classification of news articles by whether they mention diseases and outbreaks
Mason Chua [slides]
Different Uses of Alignments in Extraction of Synchronous Grammars for Translation from Natural to Formal Languages
Natalia Silveira [slides]