CS224N/Ling284 Final Projects 2009-10

Final Projects from CS 224N / Ling 284 for Spring 2009/2010.

Star Quality: Sentiment Categorization of Restaurant Reviews
Amir Ghazvinian
Predicting Stock Volatility from Quarterly Earnings Calls and Transcript Summaries using Text Regression
Naveed Ahmad and Aram Zinzalian [slides]
Inclusion of large input corpora in Statistical Machine Translation
Bipin Suresh
`These go to eleven' Investigations in tuning the Stanford Statistical Parser
Ciaran O'Reilly
Detecting Real-Time Messages of Public Interest in Tweets
Divij Gupta and Chanh Nguyen
Great Food, Lousy Service: Topic Modeling for Sentiment Analysis in Sparse Reviews
Robin Melnick and Dan Preston [slides]
Entity Based Sentiment Analysis on Twitter
Siddharth Batra and Deepak Rao [slides]
Multi-Aspect Sentiment Classification of Reviews Via Sentence Selection
Erik Kuefler and Estelle Comment
Quote Clustering in Online News
Orr Keshet and Evan Rosen
A Deterministic Coreference System with Rich Syntactic Features and Semantic Knowledge
Heeyoung Lee and Sudarshan Rangarajan [slides]
Question Classification using Latent Focus Words
Anand Iyer and Ritvik Mudur [slides]
Modification Identification in Recipe Comments
James Mao
A Novel Approach to Event Duration Prediction
Divye Khilnani, Pranav Khaitan and Ye Jin [slides]
Dialogue Act Recognition using Cue Phrases
Jun Araki
Unsupervised Methods for Word Disambiguation
Klaus Völker and Simone Wu
NLP-based Approach to Twitter User Classification
Matt Bush, Ivan Lee and Tony Wu [slides]
Automated Summarization of Restaurant Reviews
Manoj Pawar and Deepak Mallya
High-Performance Question Classification Using Semantic Features
Olalere Williams
Part of Speech Tagging using a Hidden Markov Model
Sander Parawira
Multiclass Sentiment Analysis with Restaurant Reviews
Moontae Lee and Patrick Grafe [slides]
Sentiment Analysis of Stanford Course Reviews
R.J. Walsh
The Metric System: Transforming Prose to Verse
Richard Frankel, Kara Levy and Kevin Montag
Topic Extraction and Relation in Instant Messaging
Ben Roth
Unsupervised sentiment classification of English movie reviews using automatic selection of positive and negative sentiment items
John Rothfels and Julie Tibshirani
Semantics-based Text Mining of Biomedical Concepts in Scientific Publications
Saeed Hassanpour and Siddharth Taduri
Literary Period Classification
Caitlin Colgrove, Sheldon Chang and Phumchanit (Yiam) Watanaprakornkul
Using Named Entity Recognition to improve Machine Translation
Neeraj Agrawal and Ankush Singla [slides]
#title We know what @you tweeted last summer !
Shrey Gupta and Sonali Aggarwal [slides]
Multi-document extraction based Summarization
Sandeep Sripada, Venu Gopal Kasturi and Gautam Kumar Parai [slides]
Sentiment Analysis: Facebook Status Messages
Julie Kane Ahkter and Steven Soria [slides]
Micro-blogging Sentiment Analysis Using Bayesian Classification Methods
Suhaas Prasad
Sentiment Classification using Language Models and Sentence Position Information
Sunil Khanal [slides]
"Mixing Deterministic and Probabilistic Models for Simple Story Generation"
Ryan Thompson
Geo-location Route Recognition
Yingjie (Roger) Zheng and Philip (Tony) Hairr [slides]
A Comparison of Google N-grams and Gigaword Dependencies as Automatically Mined Features in Temporal Relation Extraction
Christopher Lin, Jessica Long, and Arun Miduthuri
In Pursuit of an Efficient Multi-Domain Text Classification Algorithm
Evan Cox and Marcelo Worsley