I completed a doctoral dissertation in Computational Linguistics,
a research field at the intersection of language and machine learning,
at Stanford's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. My focus has been,
primarily, on unsupervised parsing and grammar induction, advised
by Prof. Dan Jurafsky of the Natural Language Processing Group
and supported by a Fannie & John Hertz Foundation Fellowship.

In my third year of the Ph.D., I TA-ed Google's Pandu Nayak's
and (then-)Yahoo!'s Prabhakar Raghavan's graduate course
on Information Retrieval and Web Search (CS.276 / Ling.286).
In the second year, I TA-ed Prof. Manning's graduate course
on Natural Language Processing (CS.224N / Ling.284).

My Erdős number is 2 and my Erdős-Bacon number is at most 6 —
consequences of a collaboration with Danny Kleitman (whose numbers
are 1 and 3), while an undergraduate at MIT, and a bit part in the movie
«Любочка» (credits), as a kindergartner in Odessa (the former USSR).
At Stanford, a friend and I contributed a novel proof to Don Knuth's
Volume IV of The Art of Computer Programming (PF1B, Page 110).

Silly as it is, I now hold more graduate than undergraduate degrees:

   Ph.D., Computer Science January 2014 
   M.S., Computer Science January 2012 
   M.S., Statistics January 2009   Stanford
   M.Eng., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science June 2000   MIT
   S.B., Computer Science and Engineering June 2000 
   S.B., Economics June 2000 
   S.B., Mathematics (with a minor in Psychology) June 1999 

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